Como Anda



The initiative, developed by the organizations Cidade Ativa and Corrida Amiga with the support of Instituto Clima e Sociedade (Institute for Climate and Society) – iCS was born in 2016 aiming to understand the walking scenario in Brazil.

Once knowing who the organizations that promote walking are and what they do, it is possible to identify opportunities and challenges for the groups to strengthen.

Como Anda is the meeting point of the organizations that work for walk mobility in Brazil and it seeks to strengthen these groups; promote the agenda with data collection and case studies; and to contribute to the articulation of the network. There are already more than 170 organizations, mapped and connected in the four corners of Brazil, working in the most diverse approaches: communication and information; education and culture; physical intervention in space; legislation and public policies; mobilization; research, projects and plans.

Collected information is available to anyone who wants to know more about the theme or even for groups that wish to plan and empower their initiatives and identify partnerships. Through interactive tools, users can explore survey results and get acquainted with mapped organizations; seek legislations that address the issue in the country; and understand the history in the walk mobility timeline. All platform data is updated automatically, so that each organization, upon subscribing to the network, appears instantly in this virtual scenario.