Where we live, how we live. The shape of cities influences our habits. By transforming places, we can change people's lives. At the same time, we are the ones that plan and build cities and their spaces. Envisioning new ways of living and acting, we can shape the environment around us. Cidade Ativa (Active City) is a social organization conceived out of the urgency to create more inclusive, resilient and healthy cities. We seek to encourage more active behaviors that are focused not only on research and transformation of the landscape, but also on changing people.  




Our work is guided by a careful reading of spaces and people, carried out mainly through field observation. We apply and develop methodologies that allow us to extract quantitative and qualitative information about these places and the behavior of their users. Collected data are resources both for the creation of project strategies and for the impact assessment of the interventions.




We turn our ideas into actions. We develop urban design and architecture plans and projects; we formulate guidelines, strategies and policies that can transform physical spaces and make everyday life in cities healthier and more enjoyable. Committed to our cause, we engage other people in this process, connecting citizens to their communities.




We promote courses, lectures and workshops, we organize publications and campaigns in order to awaken active citizens. By sharing our work, we invite people to visualize and to express their dreams and solutions to a more humane city.

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Cidade Ativa at Jane's Walk Chapecó!

The Cidade Ativa will lead a lecture during the edition of Jane's Walk for the academics of Architecture and Urbanism from UNICHAPECÓ and external institutions of education. This year, the focus of the action will be to discuss issues focused on walking mobility, tactical urbanism, community engagement, among others. Follow through our networks!
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Urban Readings Workshop at UNESP Bauru

During the XXIII Engineering Week of UNESP Bauru, the Cidade Ativa will lead a workshop about methodologies for collecting data from public space and the behavior of individuals in those places. Tools will be explored to obtain data in the field and, through this reading, identify the different dynamics of space and how users appropriate it. Also, tools will be used to collect data on the profile of these people and their opinion on various topics.
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We are pedestrians, cyclists, we use public transport. We live the streets, the public space, the city. Cidade Ativa is in each one of us. Together we can work to change places where we live, letting that process change us as well. United by this vision, we make a young, dedicated and energetic team.


You can also help build more active cities! Stay on top of what we do, collaborate with your skills on some of our actions or support our work.


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