Mind the Step Cotoxó

In 2016, Cidade Activa was invited by Brookfield Inc. to lead a community engagement process and physical intervention in the staircase on Rua Cotoxó. Neighboring a new real estate development site, the staircase received, as a donation, a renovation that considered both the wishes of the community and its local identity.

Staircase is marked by the presence of urban street art.
Credit: Cidade Ativa

Initial site analysis included  people counts and mapping people spending time, an analysis of the built environment, interviews with users and research with interactive panels.

After this first analysis, the team organized a workshop aiming to engage residents and users of the stairwell. In a festive atmosphere, with picnic, games and music, people had fun and shared ideas for the staircase.

Several cultural and territorial issues were identified during engagement phases and site analysis, which then supported a revision of the i initial project developed by Brookfield. The strong presence of graffiti artists in the neighborhood, for example, suggested they should be also involved in this process,, thus redeeming and preserving the identity of the place.

After the staircase renovation, new data was collected in order to measure the impact of the project. Results showed a very positive impact, with increased satisfaction of the community and with changes in how people use the space.