Motivational Labels

In order to motivate behavior changes, we created labels illustrating some choices people could make on a daily basis. Bringing information about the benefits of a more active lifestyle, we hope to inspire people to rethink their means of transportation and their relationship with the city.

International experiences inspired this set of labels. Messages placed next to lifts led users to rethink their need to use it, thus contributing to reducing energy consumption and, at the same time, bringing benefits to their own health. Studies show that the simple placement of this prompts increased the use of stairs by 50%.

Credit: Center for Active Design

Inspired by that experience, Cidade Ativa made a series of labels that tackle behaviors such as driving, riding bicycles and walking as a mean of moving around in the cities. The motivation of the messages were often campaigns carried out by partners, such as the “Run to Work Day“, or the “Bike to Work Day“.

These stickers can be placed in spaces considered critical for behavior decision making. Messages about modes of transportation, for example, can be fixed  in building garages, or those that deal with the rights of different users can be effective when placed in public spaces, such as public transportation, bus stops, or even inside the vehicles.